A Trusted Wealth Management Advisory

Your wealth is your future

Your wealth is your future

As a boutique financial services firm, at GKV Capital we provide our clients comprehensive and unrestricted access to all our services. There are no product fees, no consultation fees, and no billing for our time. We are not salespeople. We are a partner with you in your financial journey.

With more than 40 years managing client assets, we combine personalized service with tremendous investment expertise.

By analyzing and selecting investment opportunities directly for our clients we craft custom portfolios that are tailored to each individual client’s needs. And because it’s all managed inhouse, you always have direct access to your portfolio manager to understand the rationale behind each investment decision.

Outsourcing to outside advisors and call centers or funds is not a part of our model, and never will be. There are other firms out there. We do things different for a reason.